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8/30 14 of the top 50 on Amazon's Western bestseller list are LJM's


Frank Roderus, One of the Truly Great Western Authors!


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L. J. Martin Cover Design

48 Rock Creek Road, Clinton, Montana 59825, United States



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35 years in publishing.  The author of over 4 dozen thrillers, westerns, crime and non-fiction works and several optioned screenplays.  Six novels currently under option to producers.  After extensive schooling in art (an  architectural major) I'm venting my creative frustrations by doing covers for others, 35 authors to date.  I've done over 400 covers, mostly for Wolfpack Publishing which, in four years, became the nations 4th largest publisher of westerns.


I've been a photographer and videographer for more years that I care to confess.  I have over 10,000 images in my portfolio but also glean images from many stock photo services, or will use those you provide.  The object is to satisfy your needs and preferences. And, of course, to SELL BOOKS!


I was once told by an old time pro in the publishing biz that a cover is a "little billboard" and that's stuck with me.  But, with online sales, that billboard and ad has gotten even smaller and, consequently it's a new discipline.  What worked on the rack or as a full page in a magazine doesn't necessarily work online.


Mike Bray President/CEO Wolfpack Publishing

"L. J. Martin has created book covers for more Amazon bestsellers than any cover designer in the industry and has been our go-to guy for 90% of the titles in our inventory." 

- Mike Bray President/CEO Wolfpack Publishing.

ROBERT VAUGHAN New York Times Bestselling Author

"Of the more than three hundred covers done for my books, my favorites, and best selling, are by L. J. Martin.  Westerns, thrillers, historicals, he does them all."  

Terry Grosz U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Retired

"Having had 14 true adventure wildlife law enforcement books and 10 western novels published, my finest and most successful covers were those designed by gifted illustrator L. J. Martin. If you want a cover that springs to life in one's hands, it's Martin."


"The covers L.J.  melds together of disparate pictures and type are dynamic and eye-catching. They grab you even in the thumbnail versions that greet a reader on Amazon or other websites. Wonderful work."

-- John Legg, author of "Sheriff's Blood," "Hard Justice" and "Blood Feud"

About Us

L. J. Martin is the author of over 4 dozen westerns, thrillers, crime and non-fiction books.


Now that millions of books are sold on the internet, via Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo and others, cover design is a new art.  A cover seen at 1" x 2" or less, needs style in order to be seen among the 6 million competing books on line.  I've designed over 400 covers, and believe me, tracking sales gives you an idea of what works.  And, what works for one genre won't necessarily work for another.  If you want to sell books, write a great one, then bless it with an equally great cover.  If they don't pause to read your cover copy, which they'll do if a great cover compels them to pick your book up or click through, then you'll suffer poor sales.



A great romance cover or western cover is relatively easy as compared to a great mainstream.  You pretty well know the subject when it's Regency Romance or Gold Rush California.  But, trust me, your readers know a Regency era gown and a western reader the difference between a cap and ball or cartridge rifle.  It takes a special eye to do a cover that makes that digital buyer click through or that paper buyer pick it up off the rack.  And it better have perfect time and place.



Don't pay.  I take a fifty dollar deposit for your initial book cover design, and if you have legitimate complaints will do one re-do. The cover will have a watermark so you will get caught if you use it without clearing your balance. Most of my covers are $200.00, unless you become a pain where a pill won't reach.  Then I'll advise you and you can drop out with only your deposit spent, or we'll add to the price and go on.  Your call.


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I own over 10,000 images I've taken myself over a good part of the world. Images for all genres.

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L. J. Martin Cover Design

48 Rock Creek Road, Clinton, MT 59825, US